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Books by Jill Marshall Now in audio from Audible ...


2020 proved to be the year of getting books to readers in all sorts of immediate and innovative ways. I spent the year pulling all my books together into once easy-to-access home at - not just ebooks but print-as-you-buy and instant downloads for old faves like the Jane Blonde (TM) series and new ensemble series, SWAGG Books (TM) and its four origin series featuring Jane Blonde, Dogheaded Jack BC, legendary crazy Catgirl Matilda Peppercorn and Stein of Stein&Frank brought together by the mysterious Gideon Flynn.

Of course, one of the really immediate and better-for-the-planet ways of 'reading' books is as audio books. While I'm still working on many of my tween and teen titles, I'm totally thrilled with the audio versions of these four books from my YA and adult collections.


Narrated by some spectacular voice talent in Michelle Ford and Leonora Haig, these collaborations have brought my books to life before my very eyes. Sorry. Ears.

I'm also very proud to have two original songs from Fanmail recorded by a fab artist. The songs are even worked into the audio book! So click away, and give your lugs a treat. 


Film, TV and other adaptations rep'd by Viv Loves Film.
Foreign and translation rights rep'd by the Joanna Devereux Literary Agency.
For all other enquiries about Jill's books, please email
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